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teepee party

Tropical Theme

No matter how far you are from shore, you can make all of the kids at the party feel as if they have been whisked away to an island resort with this Tropical party theme.
Complete with warm, fluffy blankets and soft, tropical-themed pillows, this kit makes the perfect sleepover set at Hawaiian or beach-themed events.


Magical Fairy Forest Theme

Create a mystical setting fit for fairies with the Fairy Garden party theme. This set features soft pastel pink, glittery gold and dark green color schemes as well as log pillows to give off the forestry look. Leafy decorations and green fairy wings will make them feel as if they have stepped right into a magical fairy ring.


Hot Wheels (inspired) Theme

Using the Hot Wheels party theme, you can make your kiddos feel like they are hanging out in their very own race cards. This theme comes with racing and car-accessories such as red and checkered flag fluffy pillows, racing flags, traffic cones and more to make it feel immersive and comfortable.

Movie Night Theme

Settle in with all of their favorite movies queued up and ready to watch on the Movie Night party theme. This theme has old-school, cinema-themed pillows and trays, perfect for relaxing back on and eating their sacks from. Its black, gold, white and red color scheme gives off an old Hollywood feel.


Donuts/Sweets Theme

This theme is a sugary delight filled with donuts and sprinkles! This fun theme is paired with beautiful bright shades of pink, blue, and yellow. This playful sweet explosion is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


 TikTok Theme

With its dance challenges, meme-worthy audio bytes and music trends, it's no wonder why your kids spent a lot of free time on TikTok. With the TikTok party theme, you can bring the vibes of the app to their next sleepover. Featuring TikTok-themed pillows, blankets and colors, you set the perfect stage for their next viral video.


Glow in the Dark Theme

Light up the dark at your child's sleepover with the Glow in the Dark party theme. Vibrant shades of orange, green, purple and pink combine to create a neon theme that lights up the night. Glow sticks let kids interact with the party accessories and make themselves glow as much as the vibrant, soft pillows and blankets will.


It's Christmas Theme

When all of the kids in the family come to visit for Christmas, you can give them a memorable holiday experience as they wait for Santa Claus. The It’s Christmas party set features super soft and sleek red and green pillows and blankets as well as various Christmas decorations and trays for Christmas cookies or crafting.

Roblox Theme

Turn your kiddos love of Roblox into the talk of the neighborhood by using this Roblox party theme for their next birthday! Complete with soft, plush blankets and supportive pillows with Roblox characters, this party theme gives the kids somewhere fun to bed down for the night and play their favorite game with friends.


Mermaid Theme

With the Mermaid party theme, your kiddos will feel like magical mermaids lounging on the rocks while they hang out with friends at the sleepover. This mermaid party theme comes complete with super soft shell-themed pillows, a cute tray for crafts, soft, fuzzy blankets and even a mermaid tail for them to dress up in.


Dreamy Unicorn Theme

Your little one is as special and rare as a unicorn, and with this Unicorn party set, you can throw them a party reflective of the mythical animal. This set comes with plush, soft blankets, unicorn pillows and stuffed animals for them to cuddle with, as well as unicorn-themed trays for crafts and snacks.


Rose Gold BoHO Theme

Elegant, chic and girly, your kiddos are sure to feel like they've been given the royal treatment when you set them up with the Rose Gold BoHo party theme. Featuring beautiful

rose gold-themed pastel blankets and pillows for them to relax on. This theme will transform your space and create a truly stylish experience fit for a princess.


Gamer Theme

Set your kids up for a fun night of gaming in a room filled with this colorful Gamer party theme. Gaming-themed green and black pillows and accessories make for a comfortable place for them to settle in for the night and fire up the console surrounded by the black and white tent that rests over the comfy air beds.


Enchanted Fairy Garden Theme

Step into the magical realm of fairies when you dress up your living room with the Enchanted Fairy Garden theme. This set consists of woodland-themed log pillows, emerald green and glittery gold pillows and mossy green and pastel purple blankets, all tucked inside of decorated tents for them to cozy up in.


Princess Theme

Your little ones favorite princesses are ready to celebrate their birthdays with the Princess Inspired party theme. This set features fluffy white pillows beside glittery jewel-toned ones, vibrant and pastel blankets, a tray for crafts and princess-themed
accessories to make them feel like they are sleeping in a castle.

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Baby Blue Theme

Perfect for wintertime birthday parties, the Baby Blue party set is a fun, colorful way to cozy up for a sleepover. It features a baby blue and white color scheme complete with smooth, soft blankets and plush, fluffy pillows as well as blue balloons and small finishing touches on the included trays.

Black and Rose Gold Theme

With the Black and rose gold party theme, you can throw a sophisticated sleepover party for any age group. This set features a black and rose gold color scheme complete with soft pillows, fluffy blankets and shimmery balloons for a classy look. Wine glasses and trays come complete with the set (adult parties only) for ultimate relaxation.

Custom Themes

If none of those are quite to your liking, we are happy to customize a party to ensure that your little girl or boy and their friends have the time of their lives.

Our goal is to bring you one-of-a-kind supplies that you can use to turn the evening into something memorable while reducing the stress that comes with planning every little detail. Instead, you can leave that all to us.

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