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Meet The Owner

Meet the owner - Carmen Burris

Carmen Burris

Passionate and dedicated to creating memorable childhoods for everyone, Carmen Burris has a daughter of her own named Bristol and knows what it takes to bring magic to a little one's birthday. Each year, Carmen looks forward to Bristol’s birthday where she can create the perfect party for her little girl, and it was during these birthdays that she discovered her love for party planning. 


While she has been happily working as a dental hygienist for more than eight years, she has since decided to pursue her number one passion: party planning. By taking her experience planning her own daughter's parties and combining it with her love of bringing light to little ones' eyes, she is dedicated to bringing magic to every party event. 


With each party setup, your little one will get to experience the same level of love and effort as her daughter, Bristol, with every detail carefully planned with the same way level of expertise and one-of-a-kind, creative planning ideas. Get in touch to see what happens when love, passion and magic combine into the perfect sleepover party.

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